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My name is Ruby and I am a 9 year old sharpei basset hound mix who was a local owner surrender. My owner's mother became ill and she had to leave to take care of her, so that left left me looking for another home. I was rehomed once by my former mom and also taken to the shelter for them to help me find a home but both times I was returned because I can be picky and fearful. Then Tri-State took me in and now I live with a very special foster family. I have some medical issues where I have horrible reactions to vaccines, its a medical disorder that causes my jaw to lock shut. It was a very scary experience. Other than that I am very healthy. I am able to be around other dogs if watched, but I would prefer to be an only dog. I only get close to certain people, however they still need to be cautious around me - after all I am mixed with Sharpei. Dogs like Ruby are hard to adopt out but we will continue to look for her perfect fit and take care of all that she needs until that person comes along.

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