Animal Success Stories

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Abby and Lou are doing great. They went to the vet the first week here. The second week, Lou had his cysts removed and has completely recovered. (mostly from the embarrassment of the cone of shame). They are the sweetest kids. We love them tremendously. They love to go for walks around the farm and chase the deer. Then curl up on the couch for a nap. We are so very happy that we found Tri state and could adopt these very special babies.

Thank you again

Cindy and Larry




When Marabelle (formerly Hazel) is not attached to her mom's hip, she is following around and annoying her new best friend Gabby. She is really great and a snuggle bug for sure.


I lost my stoshu my Bassett in jan 2014 and thought I could never open my heart again till Daisy May (Formerly Kahlea) came into my home and heart thank u


Albert was officially adopted by us on my birthday, August 31st, 2018. He is a little wild, and a little crazy...but he is really a sweet & snuggly guy. He has adapted very well to his new home and especially to his new brother Walter (formerly Red, also adopted through TSBHR in 2013). I am so grateful to all of you at TSBHR for bringing him into our lives!

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