Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue Adoption Procedures

Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue adopts dogs to approved applicants in the tri-state area.

Please be sure that you have seriously considered adding a Basset Hound to your family. Every dog in our care has experienced the loss of a home at the very least, possibly multiple homes, and may have been neglected or abused. We invite applications from adopters who are willing to address the needs of the dogs and who will make a lifelong commitment to a homeless Basset Hound.

The adoption process, which is designed to find the best possible placement for each homeless hound, begins with the adoption application.

  • The application can be submitted online by clicking here, or it can be downloaded and printed for mailing by clicking on one of the buttons at the bottom of the page. If you have trouble downloading and printing a copy, please call or email us with your mailing address and we'll gladly put one into the mail for you.
  • Please be sure to answer all questions completely and include any additional information that will help us match you with the right dog. Incomplete applications will delay or prevent the adoption process from being completed.
  • An adoption fee of $375 for one dog or $575 for a pair is required at the time of adoption. Checks, payable to Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue, Inc., and cash are accepted.
  • Once we receive your application, either by mail or online submittal, an adoption screener will call you to review the application. A home visit may also be scheduled at this time and references will be checked before or after the phone interview. If you don't hear from us within one week of submitting the application, please call to follow up.
  • Since we're all volunteers with full-time jobs, we may not contact applicants as quickly as they would like. Please be patient - we're always busy setting up adoptions, transporting dogs, and speaking with adopters and surrendering owners. Your follow-up call will help speed up the process.
  • The adoption process may take as little as a few days or up to a few weeks, depending upon the circumstances of the adopters and the dogs available at the time the application is received. Please keep in mind that we're all here for the best interests of the dogs and our goal is to find the right home for each dog and the right dog for each adopter.
  • Because we adopt out so many Bassets (150-300 a year) many of them are matched with approved adopters long before we can get them listed on the Available Bassets page. For this reason, we urge you to complete the application and approval stages before you pick a dog on the website. At any given time, we typically have 30 to 60 dogs available, some of which are not listed on the Available Bassets page, so please don't be disappointed if a dog you saw on the website is no longer available.
  • Please be aware that Tri-State does not have a kennel. All dogs are in foster homes, in commercial kennels if a foster home is unavailable, or with their original owners while waiting for placement.
  • Once an adopter and a dog have been matched, a Tri-State adoption representative will complete the adoption at a mutually agreed upon location. The adoption contract will be completed, which specifies the terms of the agreement, along with payment of the adoption fee.


If you have any questions regarding the adoption process or the available dogs, please contact the adoption coordinator, Lisa Packer by email at